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– Brookshire Village Shoppes

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– Grassy Branch Marketplace

– Harvest Landing

– Hotel Indy

– Lebanon Gateway

– Nichol Avenue Development

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Services We Offer

Where some firms might see insurmountable challenges, we see opportunities. We have built a business model around offering services such as acquiring properties to develop, taking on redevelopment projects that other investment firms might shy away from, managing properties that need a extra special level of professionality, and seeking out investments where we can step in and improve the community.

We are also disciplined in our approach to improving communities through ethical development. This means that with every project we undertake, we put the needs of the community first, working side-by-side with local leaders to develop plans that align with their vision and complement the nearby architecture and landscape.

Above all, we believe in the importance of investing in areas where we can have the greatest positive impact on residents, businesses, and towns. With every project we consider, it is our goal to produce an outstanding result. offering 

KennMar’s philosophy takes a community-first approach.

KennMar’s approach to real estate investing was founded on the belief that every opportunity should F•O•C•U•S on G•O•O•D℠ and not only fulfill a need today, but for years to come. This means that with each project we undertake, we collaborate with local leaders to develop plans that align with their vision and create spaces that bring people together, inspire, and serve the community. While we are primarily focused on adding value through the development of land and the repurposing of existing buildings, we are also focused on sustainability and disciplined in our approach of doing G•O•O•D for our stakeholders, our investors, and the environment.

find Identify well-located, underperforming assets with the opportunity to enhance the asset value through development or redevelopment that will in turn generate benefits for the community.
obsessConduct a thorough financial analysis, perform property inspections and implement a detailed due diligence plan to validate initial assumptions.
closeObtain the financing and investor funds needed to legally acquire the asset.
unlockExecute upon the defined development or redevelopment plan in order to increase asset valuations.
scoreUpon stabilization, continually monitor and maintain the asset to maximize both social and investment returns.

As the final step in the process, all assets are regularly monitored and measured for G•O•O•D and to make a positive impact on the environment, the community, and the industry.

governance “Governance” relates to KennMar’s values and ethics. By clearly defining practices and policies around issues such as board composition and diversity, accounting transparency, and information and data security, the company is able to promote positive behaviors such as equity and inclusion, standardized and audited financial reporting, and the process for protecting employees,’ clients’ and investors’ personal data.
obligation As financial stewards, we have an obligation to preserve, protect and grow the investment dollars entrusted to us. As social stewards, we also believe we have a responsibility to build and repurpose properties that promote environmental sustainability. By sourcing sustainable materials, selecting energy efficient systems, implementing water conservation and waste reduction strategies, over the long-term we can make a positive impact on both the assets we manage and the environment.
obedience KennMar, along with its sister organization, KennMar Cares, maintains a level of obedience to a philosophy and company culture that lifts people up, has the greatest positive impact in the communities where we serve, and fosters a high-quality customer experience. At the end of the day, when we ask ourselves, “Have we done any good in the world today?” we should be able to answer with a resounding “Yes.”
decarbonization This initiative is based on KennMar’s desire to support the reduction of greenhouse gases and to do our part in achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Research shows that some of the largest amounts of carbon dioxide production come from real estate properties. By repurposing existing buildings, we reduce the amount of demolition debris entering landfills, incorporate more energy efficient systems, and have less impact on natural resources. Additionally, by developing live, work, and play spaces in dense urban areas, we can also reduce the need for automobiles and promote walkability.
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